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Tuscany, Italy remains one of the top tourist destinations in the world for good reason. Few if any other locations can offer the combination of magical scenery, beautiful cities, unparalleled museums and art treasures, architecture, fashion, folklore and festivals, food and wine, plus the unique and inexpensive vacation accommodations that are offered by Tuscany.

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Tuscany is a Region of Italy - this official expression is the equivalent of a US state or a UK county. Tuscany has considerable autonomy although less, in terms of tax, than the Region of Sicily, for example. Tuscany is divided up into a number of Provinces named after their principal cities. So, for example, the Provincia di Firenze (Province of Florence) is a part of Tuscany and the location of the capital of Tuscany, namely Florence. One does not therefore "go to Tuscany from Florence" - Florence is already in Tuscany.

Other cities of Tuscany famous for the history, art and architecture are Sienna (spelt Siena in Italian), Pisa and Lucca. There are in addition innumerable smaller Tuscan towns and villages of immense charm and often the home of important works of art and buildings of great aesthetic interest. Among the more famous towns are Arezzo, Cortona, San Gimignano, Massa Marittima, Volterra and Grosseto.

There are also areas of Tuscany that a famous for their natural beauty, spectacular landscapes and excellent Tuscan wine production. The two best known are Chianti and the Val d'Orcia. In fact, almost every one of the named valleys of Tuscany is rich in sightseeing opportunities, despite some of them being off the tourism beaten track (mainly due to their distance from Florence or Siena).

One of the greatest developments of the past 30 years for tourists visiting Tuscany has been the expansion of the form of vacation accommodation known as an agriturismo (plural agriturismi). These are rural holiday accommodations in the form of entire houses, apartments or rooms offered to tourists on working farms, usually vineyards and/or olive producers. For those to whom the amenities of a hotel are not essential, agriturismi offer excellent value for money. Many of them are equipped with swimming pools, and the holiday homes and vacation apartments are self-catering. The rooms are often Bed and Breakfast accommodations.

Information about agriturismi and other Tuscany accommodations.


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